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Securing mining’s future workforce: Taking action today for a better tomorrow

By Rowan Phendler

If you want to change the world, it all starts with finding the right people, but how can you attract the right people when there’s a shortage of new talent? Director, Rowan Phendler, spoke with Simon Thomas, President at BHP Potash, and Joanne Doyle, Senior Manager at Deloitte Consulting, to discuss how the mining industry can transform its recruitment strategy.

The mining industry is a lucrative sector to work in that provides professionals endless opportunities to expand their skill set and develop their career. However, across the globe, the mining industry is experiencing a distinct shortage of skilled workers at all levels, particularly in countries such as Australia and Canada. The repercussion from this skills shortage has the potential to affect a multitude of businesses and industries globally, not just mining, leaving large-scale projects in the balance.

This issue is prefaced by a number of challenges; from the industry’s overall PR image to low college and university mining course enrolment rates, to outdated recruitment strategies, to name but a few. The answer to facing the challenges head on will require a change in leaders’ mindsets and attitudes towards new strategies and changing how their business operates.

Our latest white paper, breaks down each of these challenges including industry PR image, education, alternative recruitment strategies and collaborating with governments and brands such as Tesla, could help rebrand the sector and open new opportunities to thousands of people.

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